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Autonomous Province of Trento
Riva del Garda (TN)
Value of works
€ 20.413.024,84
Start Date
SDG targets
4 11 12

More space for education in Riva del Garda with the extension of the Liceo Maffei

The expansion of the Liceo Maffei high school in Riva del Garda has become particularly urgent, since a pronounced shortage of space for students and the location on two sites (one main and one branch) has caused organisational, logistical and functional inconveniences.
It is a very important work for the area as it brings together students from several neighbouring towns, from the valleys of Trentino. The current historical site will be demolished and rebuilt.

Manelli Impresa: Ristrutturazione Liceo Maffei A Riva del Garda

Project Details

The construction technique is classical: reinforced concrete is used for the basement floors, while the decks are made of a mixture of wood and concrete. The vertical perimeter walls are instead constructed using wooden panels.

The external façade is realised by means of ventilated façade technology consisting externally of fibre cement panels and ground connection in grey reconstructed stone panels.

Manelli Impresa: Ristrutturazione Liceo Maffei A Riva del Garda

The gymnasium in the new building is much more than a space reserved for the students’ physical education hours: it is an area that can also be used for external events, both sporting and non-sporting. Specific parameters were taken into account during the design and realisation phase to ensure that it was up to standard for hosting even large extracurricular events.

The roof of the gymnasium is made of 12 glulam beams with a single span of 25m.

Main interventions

– Demolition and reconstruction operations of the structures added over the years to the main school building
– Areas constructed using a traditional method of reinforced concrete conglomerate, for the underground floors, and framing for the above-ground volume
– Structure is made of concrete, with the gymnasium roof being made of wood resting on reinforced concrete structures
– Dry construction system using ventilated facade technology, with an outer cladding of sand-colored fiber cement panels and ground attachment in sintered stone panels


The Maffei High School extension project follows the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification and therefore pays particular attention to the choice of materials and the methods used in its construction.

Particular attention was paid to the fact that it is a construction site in the centre of Riva del Garda. All vehicles in use are effectively cleaned without wasting the water used for washing. Instead, it is filtered and returned to the city to be used for classical public purposes.

Safety Target

Improvements and design variations were made following the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic so that students could attend classes safely.

Technical Data

800 studenti
students hosted in the new Liceo building
900 m²
indoor gymnasium with wooden structure
20.000 m²
total area


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