Our governance reflects the core values upon which our company is built and the practices we adopt to ensure the success and protection of the interests of all our stakeholders.

Business Areas

Skills, innovation and sustainability are indispensable ingredients for achieving results in our business areas: Infrastructure, Public Building and Private Construction.


Environmental sustainability and land preservation.


Join our team and inspire others with your professionalism.


Join us.
Express your uniqueness.

Join our team and inspire others with your professional skills.

Explore the many avenues through which you can make a difference.
Discover our areas of specialisation, locations and opportunities for students and recent graduates. Become a key member of our team and help make it unique. We value collaboration with a focus on inclusion, professional development and original thinking.

Make a difference in your career.

Manelli Impresa: Perchè lavorare in Manelli
Manelli Impresa: Perchè lavorare in Manelli
Manelli Impresa logo bianco
For us, the intelligence and creativity of brilliant minds, united by shared values, translates into extraordinary results. You will not simply be part of a team, but will contribute in a unique way to our journey towards innovation in the construction industry.

Join us and build
the future with Manelli

Make a difference

Construction and design
Help bring innovative and sustainable projects to life
that improve the world around us.

Engineering and Technology
Take part in developing cutting-edge solutions to meet the challenges
of the construction sector.

Manelli Impresa: Ingegneria e tecnologia

Support and assistance to construction sites
A team providing constant support to operational units to monitor
and optimise strategies and actions.

Manelli Impresa: Supporto e Assistenza

Development and innovation
You contribute to our commitment to research into advanced materials
and innovative construction methods.

Manelli Impresa: Costruzione MyCityBari

Our values guide what we build,
including our career paths.

Passion and determination

We put passion and determination into our project, aiming to constantly striving for excellence and challenging our limits.

Quality and excellence

We adopt the highest standards in every initiative and project, pursuing excellence in all our actions.


Consistency is a fundamental value that guides every decision and action, ensuring transparency and trust in our relationships with customers and employees.

Courage and innovation

We are courageous, never reckless, in exploring new ideas and solutions. We remain open to change and we never hesitate to explore innovative and less conventional.

Trust and delegation

We trust our colleagues and strive daily to delegate tasks and responsibilities effectively, knowing that this is the key to growth and business success.

Collaboration and teamwork

We firmly believe in the value of collaboration and teamwork, recognising that success comes from a collective effort.

Safety and well-being

We realise our works by ensuring a healthy and safe environment for all, putting safety and well-being at the centre of our priorities.

Ethics and social responsibility

We are committed to maintaining sustainable practices and acting with integrity, respecting people and communities in our daily interactions.

Manelli Impresa logo bianco
Join our team and make your mark in the world of construction. With us, you can express your uniqueness, grow professionally and contribute to projects that not only innovate but also leave a lasting legacy.


Esplora un mondo di opportunità
e scegli dove trovare un equilibrio ottimale
tra crescita professionale e qualità della vita.


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