Our governance reflects the core values upon which our company is built and the practices we adopt to ensure the success and protection of the interests of all our stakeholders.

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Skills, innovation and sustainability are indispensable ingredients for achieving results in our business areas: Infrastructure, Public Building and Private Construction.


Environmental sustainability and land preservation.


Join our team and inspire others with your professionalism.


In support of the company’s mission to promote ever higher standards, Manelli Impresa S.p.A. has implemented a new Whistleblowing communication platform.

The new reporting channel will allow all stakeholders (employees, collaborators, freelancers and consultants, anyone operating within the company business, volunteers and paid and unpaid trainees, shareholders and persons with administrative, management, control, supervisory or representative functions, personnel of suppliers outside Manelli Impresa S.p.A.) to report, even anonymously, any non-compliance and/or violations, as well as facts, situations or events from which it is inferred that offences and/or illegalities have been committed, or are reasonably believed to have been committed.



By way of example but not limited to, facts or situations capable of causing damage or harm to Manelli Impresa S.p.A. may be reported, such as

  • administrative, accounting, civil or criminal offences constituting violations of national or European Union law, which harm the public interest or the integrity of the Company;
  • unlawful conduct within the meaning of Legislative Decree No. 231 of 8 June 2001, or violations of Model 231;
  • in general, everything indicated in Article 2(1)(a) and recalled annexes of Legislative Decree No. 24/2023.


The reference framework of Manelli Impresa S.p.A.‘s Ethical, Social, Environmental, Human Rights and anti-corruption values is set out in its Corporate Policies, Code of Ethics, Guidelines, Information Manuals implemented and adopted by the Company and, in general, in the documentation relating to the Organisational, Management and Control Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231 and in the documents of the Manelli Impresa S.p.A. Integrated Management/Sustainability System.

Manelli Impresa S.p.A. protects the reporter “against retaliatory, discriminatory or otherwise unfair conduct arising from the report”, in a climate of respect for the reporter’s dignity.

Attention: Any Employee/Collaborator/Third Party who makes a report in bad faith or with malice or who intentionally and knowingly reports incorrect (even partial) or misleading information shall not benefit from Whistleblower protection. In addition, the improper use of the Whistleblowing Device may expose the Whistleblower to disciplinary sanctions and legal proceedings in accordance with the applicable local law provisions and the Organisational, Management and Control Model ex Legislative Decree 231/01 of Manelli Impresa S.p.A.

Reports can be submitted through the dedicated IT procedure accessible via the following link:

As part of the reporting process, personal data are processed in compliance with the relevant legislation in force (EU Regulation 679/2016 and Legislative Decree. 101/2018).
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