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European Commission – Joint Research Centre
Ispra (VA)
Value of works
€ 9.500.00,00
Start Date
2014-2023 (Lotto 1 – Lotto 2)
SDG targets
7 11 12

Construction and renovation work for buildings and infrastructure

The Multiple Framework Agreement provides for the execution of construction, renovation and maintenance works of buildings and infrastructure of the Joint Research Centre (JRC), Ispra site, on behalf of the European Commission. The project consists of designing a new external storage area, covering a total area of more than 3,000 square metres. The area consists of the office/changing room area and a parking and material storage area. The roadway has a width of 6 metres for the initial section and then narrows to allow for single-direction traffic.


Project Details

Specifically, the following buildings will be constructed:

• Building 1: citizens’ space (completion work will be divided into three phases)
• Building 17A: demolition and new construction
• Building 20: building demolition
• Building 34: external company areas
• Building 36: renovation
• Building 48: civil works to increase comfort in the working environment and to innovate the aesthetic appearance of the building
• Outdoor areas, meeting room
• Building 77 R: tower maintenance and new canopy

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