Our governance reflects the core values upon which our company is built and the practices we adopt to ensure the success and protection of the interests of all our stakeholders.

Business Areas

Skills, innovation and sustainability are indispensable ingredients for achieving results in our business areas: Infrastructure, Public Building and Private Construction.


Environmental sustainability and land preservation.


Join our team and inspire others with your professionalism.

Health and Safety

Safe working environment and guaranteed well-being

Well-being and safety at work

The safety of our employees and contractors is a top priority for us. We are committed to creating a safe and healthy working environment at our work sites and locations.

We promote safety through prevention and protection measures and training and information programmes. All our construction sites effectively meet health and safety principles through risk assessment and the active involvement of all operational and office staff. For us, safety is synonymous with prevention and protection and direct intervention.

Training programmes

We promote training and information programmes on the possible risks associated with work on site and on best practices to prevent accidents and injuries, raising awareness of safety issues among all those involved.

Accident reporting and management

Our policy provides a clear procedure for reporting and handling accidents at work. Every year, in a meeting with the doctor in charge and all parties involved, we analyse the most frequent causes of accidents and the corrective measures that can be taken to prevent them from occurring in the future. We firmly believe that a safe and healthy working environment is crucial for continued growth. Complying with UNI ISO 450001 certification, we adopt an occupational health and safety management system and internal processes and procedures managed and monitored by the corporate QHSE team.

Sustainability Goals

Social, Environmental, Health and Safety Impact

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