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Dolj District Council
Craiova (Romania)
Value of works
€ 4.530.342,09
Start Date

Tribute to the sculptor Constantin Brancusi

The Brancusi Cultural Centre will offer its visitors a unique experience. They will learn more about the work of the famous Romanian modernist sculptor, Constantin Brancusi. While the main part of the centre has recently been built in the basement, the entire experience will be accentuated by the glass structure designed to be built on the surface. The glass cube will have an elevation of 12 m and will be supported by glass poles of equal height. The roof will be supported by beams.

Manelli Impresa: realizzazione cubo di vetro scultore modernista romeno, Constantin Brancusi

Project Details

Inside the cube, there will be glass panels arranged in an ovoid shape. These panels will be cut in such a way that there will be an empty space inside the ovoid, which will have the shape of Brancusi’s famous work called ‘Pasare Maiastra’. Entry into the ovoid is made from below. The complexity of the structure is also increased by the fact that it should also support the internal glass element, which is ovoid in shape. On the other hand, the glass cube must also be constructed in such a way that it meets various performance criteria set by the designer.

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