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La Spezia (SP)
Value of works
€ 39.171.761,64
Start Date

A strategic infrastructure for Liguria

The works for the S.S. variant 1 “Via Aurelia” is part of the project for the access road system to the La Spezia port hub as the backbone of the area’s road system, fitting into a broader territorial context affected by the need to adapt the entire Liguria Transport System.

After the ports of Genoa and Savona, the port of La Spezia is considered the third port hub in Liguria, in the cruise industry but also in the merchant sector. It is precisely for this reason that there is a strong need to facilitate access to the port, regardless of the point of arrival.

Manelli Impresa: Hub portuale la Spezia

Project Details

Specifically, we deal with the section from the Buonviaggio junction to the San Venerio junction, for a length of about 1 km beyond the ramps of the two junctions.

Manelli Impresa: Hub portuale la Spezia

In addition, there are two more motorway stretches that will allow the connection to the hub. The first runs between the Via del forno junction and the ‘Buonviaggio’ junction for a length of almost 1.8 km. The second, which originates at the San Venerio junction linking the Pieve district with the Aurelia bypass, develops with a succession of viaducts and tunnels up to the Malera junction.

Technical Data

1035 m
total length of the section
2 ramps
for entry and exit at the San Venerio junction
2 tunnels
one natural and one artificial

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