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SF. Ierarh Dr. Luca’ Municipal Hospital
Onesti (ROMANIA)
Value of works
€ 4.699.947,00
Start Date

Improvement in energy efficiency

The ‘Sf. Ierarh Dr. Luca’ Municipal Hospital, near Onesti is part of the Local Development Strategy of the Municipality of Onesti, Bacau District in Romania for the period 2016 – 2022. The beneficiaries of the services provided by the hospital are patients from the municipality of Onesti, but also those from the neighbouring areas, i.e. Comanesti, Moinesti and Adjud (Vrancea).

Manelli Impresa: migliorare la performance energetica dell'Ospedale Municipale “SF. Ierarh Dr. Luca”

Project Details

The hospital, which has an area of 38,504 square metres is spread over four buildings.

Main interventions

– Thermal insulation of masonry and rehabilitation
– inclusion of ventilation with heat recovery for internal corridors
– Modernisation of heating/cooling, ventilation/air conditioning and hot water preparation systems for consumption
– lighting


All existing heating systems will be replaced and both the distribution in the basement and the columns and connections to the radiators will be reconfigured. It is proposed to include ventilation with heat recovery for the internal corridors (where there is no fresh air supply) located in block B. This ventilation system is used to save the thermal energy used for heating, through heat recovery.

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