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Municipality of Pestisani
Pestisani (ROMANIA)
Value of works
€ 2.560.549,01
Start Date

Improving energy efficiency

Energy efficiency improvement and modernisation works at the Constantin Brancusi High School of Technology in Pestisani, Romania.

Manelli Impresa: Riabilitazione e ammodernamento del Liceo Tecnologico "Constantin Brancusi Pestisani"

Project Details

The energy efficiency improvement and modernisation works at the Constantin Brancusi High School of Technology in Pestisani, Romania, involve a series of interventions aimed at upgrading the infrastructure and making the school environment more functional and welcoming. As far as architecture is concerned, significant modernisation of the sports field is planned. This involves the installation of a solid concrete slab, which will then be covered with artificial turf, thus ensuring a suitable surface for sports activities.

Further works concern the football pitch, where an irrigation system will be installed to ensure the best playing conditions. The fence will also undergo targeted work, with upgrades to the north-east, north-west and west sides. These interventions will include the installation of insulated foundations, metal pipes and wire mesh, thus ensuring safety and durability.

Main interventions

– Modernisation work on the sports field by installing a concrete slab that will be covered with artificial turf.
– Modernisation work on the football pitch by installing an irrigation system.
– Fence, modernisation of the fence on the north-east, north-west and west sides, equipped with insulated foundations, metal pipe and wire mesh.
– Upgrading and reconfiguration of alleys, resurfacing of the driveway, vertical landscaping.
– Creation of a covered concrete platform for the storage of waste.

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