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Italian Defence Ministry
Zoppola (PN)
Value of works
€ 7.896.082,70
Start Date

National defence housing

These works are intended for national defence, as they relate to the category provided for in Article 2 of Presidential Decree No. 383 of 18 April 1994, paragraph 10/c (Barracks). This requirement stems from the Armed Force’s need to modernise and renovate its real estate assets and, above all, to provide the user organisation with adequate housing stock for its assigned task. All this in connection with the process of reorganising the military, professionalising the workforce and introducing female personnel into service.

Manelli Impresa: Realizzazione alloggi per personale militare Zoppola (PN)

Project Details

The project will be carried out at the ‘Leccis’ barracks in Zoppola – Orcenico Superiore (PN) and will meet the accommodation needs of the 11th Bersaglieri RGT.
The property consists of three buildings, named A, B and C, connected to each other by staircase/elevator bodies, with a total of five levels above ground. The ground floor is intended for technical rooms, cellars and storage rooms, while the first, second and third floors are intended for 36 flats for four users each. Finally, the attic floor is not habitable and houses the plant engineering elements.

Main interventions

– Staircase/elevator bodies
– Technical rooms, cellars and storage rooms,
– 36 flats for four users each
– Plant engineering elements
– Adequate number of parking spaces
– Green spaces and direct access to the adjacent training ground

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