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Gruppo Torinese Trasporti SpA
Venaria Reale (TO)
Value of works
€ 3.924.624,25
Start Date

Roof replacement intervention

Manelli Impresa, group leader of the RTI with SERVECO Srl, carried out the replacement of the roofing in asbestos cement sheets with insulated double steel sheet panels and of the glazed frames on the roof and façade with transparent panels in polyurethane material.
In addition to the 100-day reduction in lead time and the know-how brought by the Serveco associate for the recovery and environmental monitoring of airborne fibres, the proposed solution for the safe handling of the roofing sheets is a winner.

Manelli Impresa: intervento di sostituzione della copertura in lastre di cemento amianto con pannelli coibentati in doppia lamiera d’acciaio

Project Details

This is the SKY-TRUCK linear track cableway lifting system supplied by SEIK srl, capable of quickly and safely transferring asbestos cement slabs stacked and sealed in double polyethylene sheeting directly to the temporary waste storage area, thus reducing any risk of interference with the movement of over 500 vehicles, including buses and electric traction trams.

The work involved the removal and disposal of more than 16,500 square metres of roofing and the disposal of approximately 40,000 kg of asbestos cement fibres, as well as the refurbishment of approximately 8,000 square metres of glazed frames on the curved and rectangular sheds that make up the roof.

Main interventions

– Removal and disposal of over 16,500 sqm of roofing
– Disposal of approximately 40,000 kg of asbestos cement fibre
– Renovation of approximately 8,000 square metres of glazed frames on the curved and rectangular sheds that make up the roof

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