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Bardonecchia (TO)
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€ 17.544.361,02
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Safety tunnel Fréjus Motorway Tunnel

L’oggetto del presente progetto sono le opere accessorie alla nuova galleria di sicurezza, a servizio del Traforo Autostradale del Fréjus, denominate come “Opere Esterne Lato Italia”.
Il Progetto Esecutivo è suddiviso secondo due categorie di elementi: la fascia esterna costituita dagli imbocchi ai tunnel e dai bastioni che contengono il terreno; la parte interna, affacciata sul piazzale a quota + 1308,00 m s.l.m., definita dagli edifici che compongono l’intervento.

Manelli Impresa: Realizzazione galleria di sicurezza traforo autostradale del Frejus

Project Details

The Executive Project is subdivided according to two categories of elements: the external strip consisting of the tunnel portals and the ramparts containing the land; the internal part, facing the forecourt at an altitude of + 1308.00 m a.s.l., defined by the buildings that make up the intervention.

Main interventions

The project envisages, on the Italian side, the construction of new multifunctional buildings, adapted to the needs of the rescue, management and maintenance services, due both to the needs induced by the opening to traffic of the second tunnel, and in relation to an adaptation and updating intervention of the technical and logistical structures related to the operation of the tunnel.

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