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Constanța District Council
Constanța (ROMANIA)
Value of works
€ 3.724.698,52
Start Date

Dolphinarium extension works

The project aims at the development of an internationally competitive tourism target that complies with current regulations by bringing the Constanta Dolphinarium up to the standards of EAZA and EAM – the European bodies that regulate the minimum conditions of dolphin ownership. The construction work is based on the construction of new buildings with the current size of 2000mc/6 dolphins.

Manelli Impresa: Ampliamento Delfinario di Constanța

Project Details

The pool, which will be built of reinforced concrete, will have a built ground area of 628.70 square metres and a usable area of 595 square metres. The depth of the water in the basin will be 5.20 m, thus ensuring a total volume of 3094 cubic metres of water, which will be equipped with a double work
platform (for 2 dolphins) and will present elements specific to the natural environment, thus creating lagoon-type conditions. The new tank will communicate with the existing wintering tank via a channel with a working width of 1.8 m and a constructed floor area of 7.77 m2.

Main interventions

– The pool, which will be built of reinforced concrete, will have a built floor area of 628.70 square metres and a useful surface area of 595 square metres
– Filtering and pumping station
– Proten skimmer
– Administrative Headquarters
– External Networks
– Utilities
– Demolition work

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