Our governance reflects the core values upon which our company is built and the practices we adopt to ensure the success and protection of the interests of all our stakeholders.

Business Areas

Skills, innovation and sustainability are indispensable ingredients for achieving results in our business areas: Infrastructure, Public Building and Private Construction.


Environmental sustainability and land preservation.


Join our team and inspire others with your professionalism.

Saint Barbara, miners in safety

For the construction world (and not only!), 4 December is a very important date as it celebrates Saint Barbara, patron saint of miners and all workers exposed to ‘danger of sudden death’ (fire-fighters, bomb disposal firms, artillerymen, sailors… ). A bit of history It is essential to provide some historical background as to why Saint […]

Imagining a new city

Manelli Impresa: Costruzione MyCityBari

On 30/10/2023 at 17:00, the presentation event of the MyCityBari project will be held at the Spazio Murat in Piazza del Ferrarese – Bari. During the event, Giuseppe De Bellis, director of Sky Tg 24 will interview the architect, Mario Cucinella. A dialogue on architecture, green building and the new residential project, MyCityBari, an innovative, […]

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