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Saint Barbara, miners in safety

For the construction world (and not only!), 4 December is a very important date as it celebrates Saint Barbara, patron saint of miners and all workers exposed to ‘danger of sudden death’ (fire-fighters, bomb disposal firms, artillerymen, sailors… ).

A bit of history

It is essential to provide some historical background as to why Saint Barbara became the patron saint of these categories of workers. The answer is undoubtedly in its history, as it is defined as ‘artillery ante litteram’, precisely because of its subversive nature.

Actually, the theories regarding the history of Santa Barbara are different. What seems to be shared is that the martyr was locked up by her father in a tower with two windows. She tried to save herself with the help of God, who opened a passage in the rock face for her to escape, but without success.

After denouncing her to the governor, it was her own father who decapitated her, later ending up being struck by lightning as punishment for his act.

A day at the construction site

In honour of Saint Barbara, the workers of the Calcinato Tunnel construction site in Brescia – (Project 119/2021 CEPAV DUE) gathered to celebrate Holy Mass with the parish priest of Calcinato. Also present were the police, the mayor of Calcinato and the client.

Manelli: safety is our goal

The event was an opportunity to exchange, compare and share experiences, but above all it reminded us how crucial it is to continue to discuss and invest in safety at work.

For Manelli, worker safety and health are cornerstones of the company’s culture.

It all starts with staff training: we ensure that all our resources are constantly updated on new safety measures, emergency management in the workplace, and risk identification and prevention.

Our goal? Always the protection of people – starting with employees, through to external collaborators, and all the way to the end consumer.

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