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Value of works
€ 30.000.000,00
Start Date

Extraordinary maintenance lot, Puglia

The Anas Puglia Framework Agreement, lot 16, provides for scheduled maintenance works consisting of the restoration of damaged parts of infrastructures – road overpasses, railway overpasses, viaducts – on the road network under the jurisdiction of ANAS.

Manelli Impresa: Manutenzione straordinaria per il risanamento strutturale di opere d’arte

Project Details

The works, arranged by application, consist mainly in the removal, by hydrodemolition, of concrete deteriorated by carbonation phenomena affecting parts of the works (wing and abutment walls, deck slabs) with subsequent treatment of the reinforcement rods and restoration using thixotropic mortars.

For the decks, the extrados is to be waterproofed with cement-based mortars after the removal of the asphalt paving and its subsequent restoration; the intervention also includes the remaking of the joints using the pad technique.

Main interventions

– Removal, by hydrodemolition, of concrete deteriorated by carbonation phenomena affecting parts of the work
– Treatment of reinforcing bars and restoration using thixotropic mortars
– Waterproofing, with cement-based mortars, of the extrados
– Removal of asphalt pavement and subsequent reinstatement
– Resurfacing of joints with pad technique

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