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Municipality of Genoa
Genova (GE)
Value of works
€ 47.102.982,58
Start Date

From the Brin station to Piazzale Palli in Certosa

The project consists of the extension of the Genoa metro line from the current terminus in Brin to the new station in Via Canepari – Piazzale Palli in Certosa (City Hall V)

Manelli Impresa: Prolungamento della linea metropolitana di Genova

Project Details

The Genoa Metro will extend from Brin station with a new viaduct to connect to the Campasse railway embankment. Environmental monitoring assesses the impacts during construction and operation.

In addition to the Brin-Canepari section of the Metro network, the works also include the Brignole-Piazza Martinez section, which will serve the Brignole and San Fruttuoso areas.
The works, starting from the demolition of the Brignole station ‘trunk’, will move towards the sea, passing over Via Archimede and Corso Sardegna on the existing flyover, and alongside the Trenitalia locomotive repair shop and then finishing on the south side of Piazza Martinez.

Main interventions

– Modification of the line that partially follows the existing plano-altimetric route of the inversion spur, to allow entry onto the railway embankment.
– In order to realise the descent ramp from the existing metropolitan viaduct (on which the station, the current terminus of Brin, is located) to the Campasse railway embankment, the construction of a new viaduct is planned.
– Environmental monitoring takes into account both the direct impacts that construction site activities and the operation of the project will have on environmental components, and the indirect impacts related mainly to the construction phase.
– Enhancement of the Brignole-Piazza Martinez section, which will serve the Brignole and San Fruttuoso areas.

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