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Municipality of Genoa
Value of works
€ 38.317.769,73
Start Date
SDG targets
9 11 12

A new phase of mobility for Genoa

The new Corvetto station in Genoa is a long overdue intervention, making the metro service even more widespread. and creating connections with the neighbourhoods of Carignano and Castelletto. The project is compatible with the future construction of a connecting tunnel to Via San Vincenzo.

Manelli impresa: Lavori di completamento stazione corvetto

Project Details

The new station is located in the tunnel between the De Ferrari and Brignole stations, where the platforms are arranged along the line. Specifically, in order to make the station fully operational.

Manelli impresa: Lavori di completamento stazione corvetto

The metro will not stop and the works will take place with the system active, without breaks, so as not to create interruptions on the line and not to hinder the mobility of the citizens of Genoa. The metro will be built on a site of archaeological interest, with structures from the post-medieval, medieval, Roman and prehistoric periods. For this reason, archaeological assistance and supervision during the excavations are provided in coordination with the Superintendency.

Main interventions

– The station atrium
– The fixed and mobile staircase system between the quay and the mezzanine
– The main and emergency staircase between mezzanine and atrium
– The platform-mezzanine-atrium connecting lifts
– New technical rooms connecting with the platform level


A new metro stop in a city like Genoa means encouraging citizens to use public transport by ensuring efficiency and promoting sustainable mobility.
The location where the new metro station is to be built is by no means accidental: there is the advantage of working at a nerve centre of the city, with minimal environmental impact.
In this way, a significant contribution is made to counteracting the effects of climate change.


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