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Aquatim S.A. Timisoara
Buzias, Bacova, district of Timis (ROMANIA)
Value of works
€ 4.243.626,06
Start Date

Water and sewerage networks

The project aims to improve the water supply system for the inhabitants of the BUZIAS area and to rehabilitate and extend the sewerage networks in the Buzias and Bacova areas belonging to UAT Buzias.

Manelli Impresa: Costruzione di reti idriche e fognarie a Buzias

Project Details

The project for the rehabilitation of the 8,055-metre-long pipeline between Hitias and Buzias includes the installation of 27 flues and the execution of special works for the sub-crossing. The distribution network will be subject to ancillary works, including undercutting of roads using horizontal boreholes in protective tubes. In addition, new connections will be made with meters and related equipment, including connection flues, and overhead fire hydrants will be installed.

With regard to the sewerage network in Buzias, which is 2,119 metres long in total, special works are planned such as the construction of flues, replacement of connections and the construction of a pumping station for local waste water. Waste water collected in Buzias will be conveyed to EAU Buzias by means of road sub-crossings, which will be realised by means of horizontal boreholes, with the discharge pipes insulated and laid in OL protection pipes.

Main interventions

– Twenty-seven walkways will be located and special sub-crossing works planned.
– Ancillary works such as road undercrossings will be carried out using horizontal boreholes in protective pipes.
– New connections with meters and related installations, including connection flues.
– Overhead fire hydrants.
– Special works, such as chimneys, replacement of connections and local sewage pumping station.
– Waste water collected from Buzias arrives in UAE Buzias via road sub-crossings.
– The sub-crossings will be carried out by means of horizontal drilling and the discharge pipes will be insulated and laid in OL protection pipes.

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