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Cepavdue – Cepavdue – ENI High Speed Consortium
Brescia – Verona
Value of works
€ 110.506.660,76
Start Date

New railway line

The new HS/HC Brescia East – Verona railway line runs for about 48 km, crossing 2 Regions, 3 Provinces and 11 Municipalities mostly alongside the existing infrastructures in the area, starting its route in the municipality of Mazzano (Brescia), until it reaches the municipality of Verona on the western side with the new HS tracks and the new interconnection of Verona Merci.

Manelli Impresa: Realizzazione Linea Ferroviaria Milano-Verona

Project Details

Contract 4 “Lugana – Frassino Ovest” concerns the line and related works included between km 127+343 and km 132+923 of the Brescia-Verona Functional Lot – Construction Lot 1, within the scope of the HS/HC Turin-Venice Line, Milan-Verona Section (Even Track): Noise barrier foundations; Railway embankments and trenches; Artificial tunnels (including embankments of natural tunnels); Cycling and pedestrian subways; Hydraulic works for water collection and disposal. The works covered by the contract are located in the municipalities of Desenzano del Garda and Pozzolengo in the province of Brescia, and Peschiera del Garda in the province of Verona.

Manelli Impresa: Realizzazione Linea Ferroviaria Milano-Verona

Main interventions

– Noise barrier foundations
– Rail and road embankments and trenches
– Artificial tunnels
– Railway viaducts
– Subways
– Cycle paths
– Hydraulic works for water collection and disposal

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