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ASL BAT – Ospedale “Vittorio Emanuele II”
Bisceglie (BAT)
Value of works
€ 2.757.282,82
Start Date

Technical Regulatory Adaptation

The Presidio Ospedaliero di Bisceglie (Bisceglie Hospital) was the subject of a variant project aimed at carrying out major works for the technical and regulatory adaptation and re-functionalisation of the hospital.

Manelli Impresa: ASL BAT, lavori per l’adeguamento tecnico normativo e la rifunzionalizzazione dell’Ospedale

Project Details

At ground floor level, the building consists of a portico with the construction of special by-passes to allow the perfect functional continuity of the facilities without interrupting the activities of the hospital. In addition, in order to ensure full energy sufficiency for the entire hospital, a centralised cold production plant was built to supply the entire hospital. Also for the electrical part, a new MV/LV transformer cabin replaces the existing one, in combination with a new generator.

On the second floor, the new Operating Theatres department was built, comprising structural, building and plant engineering works of an extremely specialised type, in view of the building’s sensitive use. On its four levels, the Department was affected by various building works for the functional redistribution of space, the completion of structural components, and the construction of new filter zones, as well as all finishing works, with particular attention to hygiene and sanitary aspects.

Main interventions

– Thermal-Cooling Plant, Transformer Room and Generating Set
– Local Fire Fighting Water Pressurisation Unit and Accumulation Tank
– New Operating Theatre Block
– Expansion of the Infectious Department

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