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Aquatim S.A. Timisoara
Jimbolia and Gottlob, district of Timis (ROMANIA)
Value of works
€ 5.520.977,95
Start Date

New waste water networks

The work consists of the construction of new waste water networks in the towns of Jimbolia and Gottlob. The work also includes design activities for the diversion, protection of utility networks encountered in the path of the water/waste water networks as per the contract.

Manelli Impresa: Realizzazione reti acqua fognaria a Jimbolia e Gottlob

Project Details

It should be emphasised that these interventions do not only concern the physical construction of networks, but also involve design activities. These activities are aimed at the diversion and protection of utility networks that may be affected during the implementation of water/waste water networks, in accordance with the contract. In this way, the aim is to ensure efficient and sustainable management of water resources and to preserve the integrity of the utility networks involved in the route of the new networks.

Main interventions

– Network rehabilitation
– Extension of the sewerage network
– Construction of new sewerage networks

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