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Italferr S.p.A.
Montalto Uffugo (CS)
Value of works
€ 15.380.817,42
Start Date

Execution of works along the Sibari - Cosenza railway line

The Sibari-Cosenza line is part of the alternative freight route Gioia Tauro – Taranto. Given the strategic importance of the link, renovation and upgrading works were planned in order to give the entire route adequate performance characteristics and potential. The Sibari – Cosenza line has a length of about 68.7 km and is characterised by a predominantly flat route, through a loop it is possible to directly route trains from and to Sibari on the new Paola – Cosenza line and, therefore, it represents the link between the Tyrrhenian and Adriatic lines (Sicily – Puglia connections).

Manelli Impresa: interventi di rinnovo e potenziamento della linea Sibari-Cosenza

Project Details

The upgrading and speeding up work, contracted out to Manelli Impresa Srl and located in the Acri / Montalto Uffugo area, proposes to intervene along some sections of the single-track line in order to standardise its characteristics and eliminate critical points, carrying out track adjustments involving the overall resurfacing of the railway.

The 12 works on the route consist of 9 hydraulic manholes, 2 road subways and 1 overpass (carriageway width 9.0 m and overall length of the deck 12.5 m). The overall work also involved changes to some sections of the road system.

The tight work schedule envisaged that the contract would be carried out in phases, either by keeping the railway line in operation or with very short traffic interruptions or at night.

Main interventions

– Enlargement of the existing premises
– Construction of sections of new railway track
– Permanent way
– Water regulation works
– Electrical transmission
– Modifications and adaptations of security and telecommunications installations

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