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Municipality of Bisceglie (BAT)
Bisceglie (BAT)
Value of works
€ 1.435.737,91
Start Date

Preschool and pedestrian plaza

The urban development plan called P.E.P. (Economic and Social Housing Plan) in which the new square and the kindergarten are included, is a public housing plan envisaged by the municipality of Bisceglie to accommodate over 1,500 inhabitants. The intervention area was located in an absolutely central position with respect to the new residential district, so that it would become a real centre of aggregation for the inhabitants. The location of the school makes it possible to minimise the travel time for the young pupils to reach it.

Manelli Impresa: Realizzazione nuova piazza e la scuola per l’infanzia a Bisceglie

Project Details

The space in front of the school is organised with a central paved area and two tree-lined green areas on the sides, evoking the Apulian tradition of the ‘municipal villa’. The square gives the new neighbourhood its urban garden, a meeting place for residents of all ages at different times of the day and in different seasons, and also a space for the weekly local market.

The new school will be a true architectural backdrop for the square, with a central role not only on a functional level, but also on an urban one. The project pays particular attention to the comfort of the building’s young users. The building is sized for a maximum of 180 pupils. The rooms are divided in such a way as to accommodate the communal and service areas towards the square, while the rear, quieter part houses the six teaching sections.


The project includes a considerable amount of glazed surfaces: the natural lighting values are in fact considerably higher than those required by standards. The green works pertaining to the school are an ideal continuation of the square, while in the inner courtyard there are trees that will provide additional shade to the outdoor area and design an ever-changing courtyard as the seasons change.

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